Dog Services


Here are Arden Cottage we pride ourselves on looking after the health, happiness and welfare of the dogs that come to stay with us. We like them to relax, chill out and have fun!

We are Insured with Petplan Sanctuary.

Our Sponsored Charity is “Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.“, which we raise funds for each year by selling Raffle Tickets and holding Coffee and Cake Mornings here at Arden Cottage.

Guest Dogs


When you come to stay with us as Guests, your dog is welcome as well.    They are allowed to stay in the room with you, as long as they sleep in their own bed.  We respectfully ask that you don’t allow them on the bed, as muddy paw marks and dog hairs can be difficult to remove.

We have a lovely large garden in which your dog(s) can play and are only a short distance away from the local park where you can take them for a pre-breakfast walk, where you’ll meet other local dogs enjoying their morning constitutional.

dogservices_clip_image034We are very relaxed about allowing your dog(s) into other areas of the house, as long as they are well behaved and under control. They may go into the Guests’ lounge as long as they have clean, dry paws.

We make a small additional charge of £4.50 per dog, per night. This is added onto your room rate at the end of your stay. If you book to stay 3 nights or more then your dog stays for FREE.

We have enjoyed the company of many Guests and their dogs and look forward to receiving many more.

Dog Boarding

dogservices_clip_image006Our garden is large and secure, being mainly laid to lawn; the rest is wall and hedge. (We have placed wire between the wall and hedge to make it safe for smaller dogs).

Dog Boarding takes place within our own home. Your dog comes to live with us in the house as part of the family, meeting new guests, other dogs and children. Therefore it is imperative your dog is well behaved, sociable and safe.

Because your dog lives in our home we are unable to take bitches in season or puppies under the age of 6 months old.

We are unable to look after your dog if you are staying locally in rented accommodation or staying at St Audries wedding venue.  It is purely a service we offer Guests that are staying at within our B&B.

What happens when you want to go away?


You’ve decided you want to go away on holiday, business etc but want to leave your dog in a family environment. Firstly, give us a call, we will then arrange a mutually convenient date and time for you to come round to Arden Cottage to see us for a chat.

This is an informal visit in order for us to meet you, your dog and for you to see the house, gardens and to discuss all aspects of how your dog lives with you to enable us to mimic their daily routine as much as possible.

You will be asked to complete a Questionnaire outlining for general information about your dog, contact details, vet, insurance etc.

Doggie Sleepover


After the initial meeting, and if both sides agree, we suggest a ‘doggie sleepover’ whereupon your dog comes and stays overnight at Arden Cottage. This offers us the opportunity to see how your dog settles down after you leave them and how they fit into our daily routine. When you come to collect them the following day we discuss how the ‘sleepover’ went and if everyone is happy we pop your dates into our diary.

What to Bring With Your Dog
  • Insurance details
  • Emergency telephone numbers and Vets details
  • Dogs have been recently de-flead and wormed
  • Dog food/toys/treats/bowls/towels (for wiping dirty paws)
  • A list of your dogs commands, likes and dislikes etc
  • A Crate if they are used to sleeping in one at night
Charges (Charges are based on a 24 hour period).

The charge is £22- £25 a day for one dog and £30 a day for two dogs.

Owner Testimonials

Here are a few testimonials from owners who have left their dogs with us over the 10 years that we’ve been doing this: -

” Arden Cottage has truly become Izzy’s holiday home!

dogservices_clip_image014Right from when she was a pup, we have never even considered boarding Izzy in a normal kennel as it would be a complete betrayal of her unfailing affection and loyalty. She’s an ‘only dog’ and we just know she would pine for us and feel totally abandoned.

We are able to enjoy overseas holidays as we know that Izzy is having a real holiday too. When we arrive at Paul and Jane’s, she can’t get through the door fast enough and that is because she is made to feel one of the family, free to roam about just as she does at home. So we have peace of mind, and Izzy has a real holiday with bags of affection and care, just like a child staying with a favourite aunt and uncle! Then, on our return, she’s really pleased to see us and happy to be back in her own home again, just as we are.


I am very happy to write how pleased I am with your care of my beloved dog Ross, the fact he is part of the family has my vote, especially as he was rescued from a very doubtful background as a stud dog so he had no TLC whatsoever and is still very nervous of certain things. However, with Jane and Paul he loves coming to stay and knows that he’ll get lots of walks, cuddles and opportunities of playing with other dogs and I know he is going to be spoilt and happy.

dogservices_clip_image018“Arden Cottage is the perfect place for your beloved pet. It is a ‘home from home’ where they are superbly looked after by Jane and Paul. We have a spaniel who loves to run around their large garden with her ball and then when she has tired them out, can be found lazing in their warm, sunny conservatory. We have peace of mind when we leave Georgie, whether it be for a morning or a number of days, that she is well cared for and a very happy spaniel”


It’s lovely to be able to go away and leave Buzz at Arden Cottage, knowing he will be well looked after and safe. He always gets good long walks as well. Both Jane and Paul are great with the dogs and they get spoilt nearly as much as they do at home! Plus Jane and Paul always keep in touch either by text or email, so wherever we are we know he’s having fun! Having this peace of mind makes any time away much more enjoyable.


“Casper our Weimeraner experienced Arden Cottage for the first time with a 5 week stay when we visited New Zealand . Whilst we were away Jane and Paul kept us up to date with Casper ‘s activities with e-mails and photos, which was a thoughtful touch. We came back to a relaxed, happy and thoroughly chilled out dog. Casper has now stayed at Arden Cottage many times since and has left us in no doubt that he regards Jane and Paul as his second Mum and Dad! We highly recommend Arden Cottage for dog boarding and would not consider entrusting Casper with anyone else”

We have dogservices_clip_image010used Paul and Jane at Arden Cottage to look after our dog Elsa for several years now whilst we have been away for holidays and weekends. They offer a real home from home experience for your dog giving you peace of mind knowing that she is in safe hands. When we drop her off at the house, she positively bounds out of the car to greet them, which tells us that she is happy to be back. Paul and Jane remember her likes, dislikes and personality traits and you can see and tell instantly that they have a real rapoor and love of dogs. They give the dogs plenty of exercise and have a large, safe, enclosed garden. The whole experience for both us and Elsa is far less stressful as she is in a home environment and treated as one of the family.

Animal Friendly Links & Resources

* White Lodge Veterinary Clinic: Unit 1, Roughmoor Enterprise Centre, Williton , TA4 4AT Phone: 01984 634013